Thursday, July 26, 2007

KPS Cardigan Number 5

This is the last for awhile, I hope, of the baby cardigans. I started this one for my niece's new son, but wasn't happy with how it was looking, so I made the blue one instead. I was cleaning out a drawer however and found the buttons, and I thought they would improve the sweater, so I finished it today. The buttons are wooden acorns and leaves. My husband says it looks like a druid's sweater.

Now I'm going back to UFO's. I have nearly finished the front of the Rowan Audrey that I started nearly two years ago. When I get that done, it's back to the Rogue Hoody.

Of course, I also joined my first swap, so I have socks to do for that. I have had a terrible time finding yarn that I liked since I need Hufflepuff colors and I want to avoid the bumblebee look. However, I think I have figured that out and just need to get started.

I go back to school August 17th though, so my free time will soon be limited.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Booking Through Thursday

I just saw this on another blog.

Booking Through Thursday
Okay, love him or loathe him, you’d have to live under a rock not to know that J.K. Rowling’s final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, comes out on Saturday… Are you going to read it?
If so, right away? Or just, you know, eventually, when you get around to it? Are you attending any of the midnight parties?
If you’re not going to read it, why not?
And, for the record… what do you think? Will Harry survive the series? What are you most looking forward to?

Yes, I am anxiously waiting for midnight Friday. We are traveling to see our daughter and her husband. Marley and I will be at the midnight sale, get our books and get home as fast as possible. We have both planned snacks for our marathon read and will finish the book early Saturday morning.

This is what we did with the last book, although Marley was in Chicago and I was in Texas. We talked by cell phone as we waited in line, got the book, and read through it. She reads faster than I do; she was through by 4 am and I finished around 4:30 am.

If JKR follows archetypal writing, Harry should survive although probably with some sort of major loss. I am afraid at least one Weasley will die, although I hope not Ron, and I am sort of worried about Neville. I think Remus Lupin might be a possibility also.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Want to Get Sorted?

a Ravenclaw!

Hoorah! I've joined my first swap!

Hogwarts Sock Swap Questionnaire

1. I was sorted into Ravenclaw.
2. I wear shoe size 8.5
3. My foot length is 9.5"
4. Foot circumference is 8.5"
5. Favorite DPN: a. Bryspun Size 2 US, 4" length
b. Any other wood or plastic - metal needles hurt my hands.
6. I'm always open to trying new needles. I generally make all socks with size 2 US.
7. I am a Ravenclaw, but I have no strong preferences as to color.
8. I am asthmatic, so any strong odors can make me wheeze. There is no smoking in my house, but I do have 3 cats and 2 dogs, so there is generally animal hair in anything I knit.
9. I am in the US, but I am willing to have an international Pal.

This is really exciting, but somewhat scary - I have never knitted for someone I didn't know. I've already started looking in the stitch library books because I really want to make some great socks.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

KPS Baby Cardigan #4

One more KPS cardigan. This one is mercerized cotton. I thought it seemed kind of plain, so I tried embroidery. I haven't tried embroidery on my knitted things before - it was a challenge! I finally printed star patterns from Word, cut them out, pinned them on and stitched around them. The tail on the shooting star sort of droops because I don't think I pinned it enough.
Anyway, my niece had her second son last Friday (the day before her scheduled shower!), so this is ready for him.
I really love this pattern; it is so basic and it is easy to customize. I don't have another baby to knit for on the horizon, but I already have some ideas for different looks.