Sunday, December 26, 2010

So much for posting every month . . .

I have been a terrible blogger this year.

Changes have been a problem, but mostly I have just procrastinated.

There has been knitting, but no pictures. I stopped all projects to make caps for the nice men who helped my daughter move. I have worked on my brother's socks, but I stopped working on the second sock during my divorce trauma, and now I can't remember how to do the twisted stitch and can't make the second sock look like the first one! Even the people in my knitting group can't make them look the same.

And now I need to get moving on yet another baby cardigan because my niece goes in for a C-section Thursday, and all I have is a bag of yarn. I'm not too worried because I bought cotton, and I am aiming for something she can wear in the spring, but I need to start.

There have also been some times when I just sit and stare into the flames in the wood stove and ponder life. There have been some trials in my family in the past few months, and I know they are not done, but this holiday season mostly what I can see is how blessed we all are.

So belated Merry Christmas and good wishes for the new year!