Friday, August 06, 2010

Whole Lot of Things Going on

Even though I haven't been posting, there have been things going on.

I finished the Baby DNA Model for my grand-niece. What a fun toy to make! I hope she enjoys it. Pattern is on ravelry.

Then the knitting group had a yarn dyeing day. I haven't photographed the yarn I dyed yet, but this is my first attempt at roving. I need to learn how to adjust my camera because this is really a bright turquoise, apple green, and dark purple. I learned a lot doing this because my intention was to have a light turquoise, yellow and lilac. I think I put at least 3 times too much dye in each bottle. However, we had fun, I learned a great deal, and I didn't felt my roving, so I think the day was a success.

Lastly, I took a fast trip to New Mexico with friends. We left very early on a Saturday to go to Santa Fe. We managed a lot of shopping in Santa Fe, then tried to eat at a hamburger place that Frommers put on their Top 10 Burger list, but there was a long wait. So we went on to Las Vegas and ate lunch at the Spick and Span. Then on to a friend's cabin (we are walking the trail in the picture). It was very rainy, so we didn't get to hike or fish, but we had a lot of fun playing games and eating junk food. We left the next morning, passed the alpaca ranch outside of Mora (wasn't open) and on to the raspberry ranch, back to Las Vegas for more Spick and Span and then home.

And so ends my summer vacation. I am spending the last few days finishing up all the deep cleaning I planned to do in June and finishing minor repair projects.

I think I had a successful summer. I had a couple of fun trips and got some minor repairs done. I pulled out all my yarn stash, cleaned it out and reorganized what was left. Yes, I gave some away and even threw some away (gasp!). I am nearly through with knitting books and magazines - will be giving some away and posting others to ravelry for destash.

Best of all, I had several rainy days this summer where I could just sit and look out the windows and knit - heaven!!