Saturday, November 15, 2008

Knitting Can Heal

This is an insight for me; I know there are probably thousands who have already discovered this.

Being dumped is a devastating experience. I have been blessed to have family and friends who have been incredibly supportive - to the point that I have felt wrapped in a warm blanket. However, the reality is that this experience caused me to feel worthless. I was not able to knit because a) I saw no purpose in it; b) I couldn't concentrate; c) I didn't have the energy to pick up needles.

Then one of my daughter's coworkers asked her if I might knit her baby a hat. I had knitted a sweater for her baby when he was born. I am a sucker for baby stuff, and I had a pattern that seemed perfect. The mother loves the movie, Christmas Story, and wanted a hat like Ralphie's. I had a pattern called the Sherlock hat that has a front flap that buttons up and earflaps, so I tried it. I loved the way it turned out and so did the mother. (I hope to have pictures later.)

Then a colleague told me about her friend's son in Afghanistan and how cold it was getting. I had knitted helmet liners a couple of years ago, and I had gotten some yarn at the Gourmet Yarn in Oklahoma City - it must have been meant! So, now I am about 3/4 through with a helmet liner.

I had knitted sweaters for a friend's daughter's child, and had started one for her new baby but had put it aside. The friend mentioned that the two sweaters (they match) would make a good picture, so I pulled it out again. All I need to do is finish the sleeves and do the neck and front bands. So, I am working on that again.

It is really cold where I live this morning, so I pulled on a pair of socks - the ones I knitted while in Portland and Seattle. I found myself sitting and admiring them which is what led to this post. I realized that I have a lot to contribute to a lot of people. My husband may no longer want to be with me, but I have others that do. And I have talents and skills! And I'm not a bad person!

So, no more posts about depressing junk! I am moving on and moving back to knitting!