Friday, June 03, 2005

This has been the project that doesn't want to be completed. I had difficulty with the straps because I have never done a lace pattern before. I had to email Elsebeth Lavold because I thought there was a problem with the chart, and I was right. She emailed me within a couple of days with the correction, so I kept going, and then realized I had the wrong number of stitches in the broken rib section, so I had to start all over. I finally have both the front and the back to the lace part. Surely I can do it now because I have tried it three times already! Posted by Hello

Here is the result of a trip to a yarn store - I haven't been to a really yarn store in a couple of years. This is from the Shaggy Sheep in Lubbock, TX. What a great store - lots of interesting yarn and a very knowledgable owner. I was strong however, and only got the Rowan Calmer that I had come for. The color is Amour, and it is a much darker red than it appears. I am making Audrey from Rowan 35. Posted by Hello

Here is a sampling of the Silkroad that I managed to get from Elann. It was really a frenzy - one of the colors I wanted sold out before I could get to checkout - about 30 seconds! I did get 8 balls of Merlot, 3 of Opal and 16 of Venetian. I have a cabled cardigan pattern for the Venetian, a scarf pattern for the Opal, and I have no idea for the Merlot - I just really love the color. Posted by Hello