Friday, December 29, 2006

One and Only Knitted Christmas Present

I have not had great success in the past with knitting for others for Christmas, but I found an incredible bargain on Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere in a color that my mother would like that I just had to try again.

This is KPS top down raglan T-shirt. I know the picture is not great, but it is a sort of grayed lavender. We bought an amethyst pendant to go with it.

It fits, and my mother likes cotton a lot more than wool, so I guess this is a successful Christmas present.

Now that Christmas is over, I have to get back to UFO's. I have a pair of socks for my son-in-law and a Rogue hoodie that I have had for two years now. And scarves and felted slippers and hats and felted oven mitts . . . The list is endless!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Another Goal Completed

My husband and I have been working on building our house for more years than I want to admit. College tuition for all 3 of us interfered for a good many years.

However, this week he finished one of the major projects - installing the woodstove and chimney! This is on the second floor, and installing the chimney was not easy, involving scaffolding and very heavy lifting very high off the ground.

But, you can see, we are already enjoying it. The next thing is to texture and paint the room, and then varnish the floor, but taking a break next to the stove is great!