Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Baby sweaters are really fun to make! One of my daughter's close friends is having a baby in December, so when I saw a link to a simple pattern on the KR forums, I just had to try it. I bought the Encore at Gourmet Yarns in Oklahoma City. I don't know gender yet, so this varigated seemed appropriate for either, although I am generally not a fan of variagated. Now that I have made this pattern, I will get some nice cotton, and try again, especially since I hope to know gender soon.

This was a very easy pattern - took me 2-3 days to finish. It called for I-cord instead of ribbon, but I really don't like making I-cord. I plan on using a solid color for the next one and getting plaid or dotted ribbon for the ties.

7/16: I should have put this in the original post. I found the pattern via a link on the Knitters Review Forum -

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This is a wool and kid mohair blend from Brooks Farms; I bought two hanks at the Taos Wool Festival last October. I wasn't thinking - two hanks are only 1000 yards, so I have had trouble finding a pattern that would show off their great colors and stay under 1000 yards, but I finally found Knitting Pure and Simple's top down, raglan sleeve, crewneck that seems to be okay. This is my first time to knit from the neck down, and my first time to do a sweater completely on circulars, but I think I am hooked.

I also know that next year, when I go back to the festival, I will certainly buy more of the Brooks Farms yarn. It is so soft and so easy to knit.

The tomato hat on the right was not something I planned or wanted to do, but I recently visited Gourmet Yarns in Oklahoma City and saw their model. The colors were perfect, so I had to buy the Skye Tweed and make one for myself. I don't know what I will do with it; surely some small child will happen along who needs a tomato hat.

Gourmet Yarns was a great place to visit; the people there were so nice and knowledgeable. I treasure opportunities to talk with other knitters. I also loved the Cascade 220 - what a selection they had! I bought a couple of skeins for the striped bag I am planning.

On the left are the stitch markers I put together. I finally found a pattern for some yarn I bought at the Taos Wool Festival, but it required 5 stitch markers which I didn't have. So, I hit the local Hobby Lobby for eye pins and found yarn ball and dragon charms. I found the bee beads at JoAnns. I made more markers, but they are in the sweater. I don't need lots of stitch markers which is too bad because they are a lot of fun to make. I'll have to find other knitters who need them.