Friday, June 19, 2009

Hedgerow Knitalong

I have joined my first knitalong - the Hedgerow fingerless mitts that a group from Knitters Review is doing. I think the attraction for me was the justification to buy some of the Dream in Color Starry I have been eyeing. This is Blue Lagoon, and there is enough to make a pair for my daughter and a pair for me.

This is the progress at the end of Day One, although I have to admit there is not much more. I am to the point of dividing for the thumb. I truly enjoy this pattern - it is easy to memorize and I like the look of it. However, I have another project that has to be finished - a stole in Homespun for someone in a nursing home - so I have to put these aside for a few days.

On another note, I picked up friends at the airport who had been on a Baltic cruise, and they surprised me with this - a skein of wool from a shop in Tallin, Estonia. It is locally produced wool and has a very interesting feel. Of course, I can't read the label, but I'm pretty sure there is some lanolin left as this has a somewhat lotiony feel. With 200 grams of a natural colored wool, I am thinking about making mittens. I thought this was a great gift from a non-knitter!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

WWKIP 2009 in the Texas Panhandle

This was a very different WWKIP than I experienced last year when I was vacationing in Seattle, but there are very few knitters here where I live, and we aren't very organized. Not having an active LYS makes a difference. However, there is a group, and today was my first time to meet these great ladies. We met in one of the local parks (all 5 of us) and knitted and talked and snacked.

The really creative one decided to make and leave some knitted graffiti, so the tree has a striped sleeve.

I had a great time and got to know some wonderful knitters. I have high hopes for more meetings and more talk about projects and yarn and food and . . . .