Sunday, June 20, 2010


I started this day with getting family to help me with a photo scavenger hunt for Sock Knitters Anonymous. I racked up points for non-knitters, children under 12 and animals. Thanks guys!

Then I met the knitting group at a local restaurant. We had planned to meet in a park, but the forecast was for high temperatures, so we opted for air conditioning and margaritas.
The group was kind enough to go with me to the Cadillac Ranch, so I could get a picture of my sock with an internationally recognized landmark - got 5 points for that!
It was a fun day. I didn't rack up enough points to win a prize, but I enjoyed planning the pictures and have some ideas for next year.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Showers of Blessings

I've had a frustrating start to my summer. I was taking my dog to the kennel, getting ready to leave town when my car started overheating. I zipped to the car repair place where they thought it was just a water pump, but it turned out I needed a new head gasket and a water pump and . . .
Then my sister offered me her car, so I could take my trip anyway. What a relief!!
Then I came home and couldn't get my mower to start. The husband of a lady in my knitting group looked at it, and I did what he said, but it still wouldn't start. So, a good friend came and worked on it last night, got it working, and then insisted on mowing some for me. Again, what a relief!
So, I didn't have to buy a new mower, and the repairs to the car actually came to a little less than the original quote (although ironically it was only a few hundred over what I will earn at my summer job - like they knew what I would be making.). I take this a lesson to me to have some faith! I have been blessed beyond measure with family and friends that are willing to help, and I know that when things happen, a way to work them out will come clear.
I have told them all in person, but one more time - Thank you so much!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Reflections on a School Year

No knitting content - at least no pictures.

I listened to my district's high school baseball team play in the state finals yesterday. They lost, but still what an accomplishment.

My district has only had a high school for 6 years. During those 6 years, the volleyball team won state twice, the football team went to state finals, and now the baseball team has gone to state finals. We have had three athletes go to Division I schools, and many more get scholarships to smaller schools.

Our academic standards are high also. This year it looks like we may be an exemplary district, and for sure the middle school where I teach will be exemplary. I take that with a little bit of skepticism since the rating is based a great deal on state testing scores, and I believe the state testing is just on a basic level. However, I did have 66% of my students score at the commended level on the Reading test - the highest level I have had.

So, I am bragging. I am proud of what our students have accomplished, and I am proud of the people with whom I teach who have helped these students excell. We are a small district although we have grown immensely since the high school was built. When I started at the district 20 years ago, there were 225 students in K-8. Now we are over 1,000 and are completing additions at every campus to accomodate the increased numbers.

So - woo hoo to us!!