Sunday, October 16, 2005

The new addition to the family - this is Olivia. She came from a local shelter, who says she is an Italian Spinone. I think she's just a big, not very bright dog. Of course, here she is on the couch with her new toy, so she might be brighter than I think. She acts like a puppy, despite being immense - and getting bigger every day. She was skin and bones when we got her, but 8 cups of dry food a day seems to be helping. She was 62 lbs. at her first vet visit, but she goes back next week to be spayed and I am betting she will be over 70 lbs. at least. She is very good natured, although she wants to play with the cats who want nothing to do with her.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Taos Wool Festival - what fun!!

On the left are the alpacas - beautiful animals! On the right are the baby yaks - part of the animal exhibit. I haven' t yet found out what yak fiber is used for, but aren't they cute.

There were interesting demonstrations - we watched the sheep shearing done with hand clippers.

The booths were pretty good also. Lots of roving, spinning things and dyeing things, which I am not so interested in, but some great yarn also. I bought 3 hanks from the Brooks booth - great handpainted mohair and mohair blends. I also found some beautiful yarns at Plain and Fancy Wool, also hand dyed and just beautiful. I will post pictures of the yarn as soon as I get time.