Monday, August 10, 2009

Ta Dah!!

I have a wheel!

It spins properly (I think). I haven't had the courage to actually put any fiber into it yet, but I have practiced treadling - managed to scare a cat with that.

Maybe tonight I will try some fiber. I have some roving that I bought in Taos a couple of years ago - didn't really like the color, but I wanted to practice on my spindle, and it was inexpensive. Well, I really don't like spindling. I think I am going to like spinning on a wheel though because it feels so comfortable to treadle. May be a different story with fiber in it, but I hope not. I have been very inspired by the pictures on ravelry of fleece to project.

This was relatively easy to put together except for my mistakes and one small problem with a messed up locking nut. I made a quick trip to the hardware store and got that taken care of. However, after I got the wheel on, I realized I had bolted on the sidebars upside down. So, I took them off while holding the wheel upright and reversed them. That led to some difficulty in lining everything back up properly, but I managed.

Anyway, fun to do already. I didn't even take time to put away the drop cloth. I just had to try it out!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

New Model

The newest model for my knits - great-nephew Michael! He is very cooperative especially when cookies are involved (hence the crumbs on the mouth. Too bad pink is not his color.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

First of all I have a finished project! Long trail to this pattern - I had been listening to knitting podcasts and was attracted to Knitter with critters because I have cats. I wasn't altogether impressed with the podcast, but I looked at her projects on her blog and saw the Rose Red beret by Ysolda Teague. My daughter wanted a slouchy beret, and this seemed perfect. What an easy pattern! I started it Saturday, Aug. 1st, finished it Wednesday, Aug. 5th. I also drove 500 miles home in that time period. In the picture it is blocking over a plate (the red spots are the cherries on the plate) because I thought it looked too small. I am hunting for a model to pose with this on and will post another picture when I find one. I used Sublime's merino/silk/cashmere blend. I can't remember exactly what it is called, and I threw the labels away. I made the smallest size, but next time (I already have yarn for another) I will make the medium. This is tight on my head!

Secondly, I have finally gotten finish on my wheel. I ordered this early in July, but because of teaching and traveling, I had not gotten a finish on it. I had intended to put it together this morning, but when I opened the hardware package, I found two tension knobs that also had to be finished. So, when they are dry, I will get this together and post pictures. It is an Ashford Traditional, and I finished it with two coats of Danish oil. I am going to go look for some wax today also, just for extra protection. Just as it is though, isn't this beautiful wood!

Anyway fun stuff! I have to get the wheel together soon because I go back to school Wednesday. Actually I have to go back Monday because I was asked Friday to put together a two hour inservice presentation for Thursday, and I need to prepare. I really want to try spinning though. I found a beginning spinners group on ravelry and have been drooling over the pictures of fleece to finished project.

Oh well, all things considered, summer has been pretty good. I thought it would be tough since this is my first summer alone, but good friends and family have made it easier.