Monday, January 07, 2008

It Has Been a Long Time

I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted on this blog. I have been knitting, but I have also been busy with school and traveling. My daughter is now working in retail which means that she has no time off around the holidays, so we made the 500 mile trip to Missouri for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I finished two pair of socks, am working down the foot of the second sock of another pair, and am working down the sleeves of yet another baby sweater. I have no pictures right now, but will try to get some later.

We came back from Thanksgiving to a pond in the back yard as we had a pipe break. As we dug giant holes trying to find the break, this came out of the woodpile, squeaking and purring.

We are the biggest suckers ever for kittens, so Kate has joined the household. We lost a cat we had had for 13 years in November, so it is nice to be back up to four cats! Kate keeps the other, older cats running.

I wonder if other parts of the country are having the weird weather we are. We have had snow and ice, but lately we have been having 60's and today this is what I saw from my back window. I sure don't remember having thunderstorms in January - however these rainbows were absolutely amazing.